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Charlotte Ashley ([personal profile] hidashara) wrote2007-06-01 11:46 am

Feel free to post/link this anyplace which seems relevant!

As per my craigslist ad:


On June 23rd 2007 we will be holding a garage sale! Expect a wide variety of quirky & useful items (games, kitchen items, vases, toys, knick-knacks, more games, etc.), as well as a massive quantity of BOOKS!

Among the books to be sold you will find some real gems: modern 1st editions from the 40s and 50s, a large antiquarian Rudyard Kipling collection, rare gardening books, Canadiana, signed editions, 19th century children's books and more! All books will be priced to sell - that means cheaper than you'll find anywhere else. These books need good homes!

The sale will be held (weather permitting!) Saturday, June 23rd beginning at 9am. We expect to be "open" until 12-1pm, or until we've run out of things to sell (not likely - lots of books).

Specific questions by email are welcome!

Hope to see you there!

Location: 920 Royal York Rd. Toronto, ON

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You better not sell any of my stuff! =)